Art with HeART: Send a Card

Thank you so much for visiting us online to donate and send your card today!

Along with your donation — you can now also send a customized artwork card to our families or staff here at A Rosie Place for Children, or have it mailed to a special person of your choosing.

After every stay, our children get to bring home a work of art to proudly show their parents. Families tell us their homes are covered in artwork from their child's many stays with us, a constant reminder of the love, care and fun that child experiences here. Lots of friendships start while making art, and it is a great way for our children to bond with our medical team and each other.

We look at our children and immediately think about all the things they CAN DO! They use their hands, feet, thumbs, and fingertips. The end result is a picture that is joyful, colorful, and celebrates who our children are.

Supporting us supports them! After you donate you'll be taken to a page where you can make artwork, message, and recipient choices for your card.